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Interested in levelling up your skills while making an impact?

Are you a creative, dynamic, hands-on thinker?

Eager to promote well-being while learning how to make games for learning?


Monsoon 2024 Dates: (Closed)

  • Early application deadline: 25th May 2024 

  • Extended application deadline: 5th June 2024 (Applications are processed on rolling basis so please do not wait for last date) 

  • Internship start date: 20th June 2024  | Internship end date: 20th September

Winter 2024 Dates:

  • Application deadline: 31 July 2024 

  • Internship dates: Oct 1 to Oct 2024

  • Waitlisted candidates from the Monsoon Edition will be considered for the Winter Edition.

Join the Wellness Game Lab Internship Programme!

Moodforest, in partnership with Skills Café, is launching a hybrid internship in game development, offering a unique opportunity to create games that promote well-being while improving your skills in a dynamic learning environment with the expertise of professionals.


  • Developing innovative games that focus on well-being

  • Providing hands-on learning experience at intersection of well-being, behaviour change and game design

  • To foster collaboration between academia and industry


  • Campus: Sehatvan, near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 

  • Remote/Hybrid: We are open to remote participation for candidates from outside India

Skills Café is an experiential learning company focusing on developing behavioural skills. It has worked with 150+ companies like KraftHeinz, JohnDeere, WellsFargo, HSBC Bank etc. from 12+ countries.A passionate team of instructional designers, psychologists, graphic artists, game designers, and facilitators – all working together to create unforgettable learning experiences that drive results.

Moodforest is a forest therapy project originating from India. Notably, in collaboration with Prof. Overbeek from University of Amsterdam, Madhur Anand (Co-founder) conducted the pilot 'Green Mind Study' which showcased substantial enhancements in emotional well-being and cognitive self-regulation. It is registered as Social Research Organisation with the MSME Dept. of (Government of India) and has presented in conferences in Luxembourg, South Africa and Norway. It is currently hosting Research Masters internships with University of Amsterdam.

About Skills Café

About Moodforest

Who is a suitable candidate?

  •  Educational Background (Desirable): While not mandatory, candidates who graduated from relevant academic programmes such as computer science, game design, psychology, health science, education…or related field, are preferred. However, individuals from diverse educational backgrounds with a passion for game development and well-being may also be considered. 

  • Working Experience: Candidates with prior working experience in game development, education, creative, software development, digital media, or related fields are encouraged to apply.

  • Passion for well-being: Interns should show a genuine interest in promoting well-being.

  • Teamwork and collaboration: Since the internship involves working in teams to develop games, candidates should possess strong teamwork and communication skills.

  • Adaptability and eagerness to learn: candidates should be adaptable and eager to learn new tools, and methodologies throughout the programme.

  •  Commitment and time management: Interns should be available to commit to the full duration of the internship programme 

  • Comprehensive learning experience: Interns can expect to gain a deep understanding of wellness, game development principles, techniques, and best practices.

  • Mentorship and guidance: Interns will receive personalised mentorship and support from experts in the fields of game development, well-being, and related disciplines.

  • Hands-on project work: Interns can expect to actively contribute to the development of well-being-oriented games, gaining practical experience.

  • Professional development: Interns can expect to enhance their professional skills, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and project management.

  • Community engagement: Interns will become part of a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for play, well-being, and social impact.

  • Recognition and acknowledgment: Interns contributions to the internship programme will be recognized and acknowledged by Moodforest and Skills Café. For those who demonstrate exceptional performance, dedication, and alignment with our values, there may be opportunities to transition into full-time roles at Skills Café.

What can the intern expect?

Application process

1. Register for an Info Session - (Monsoon Info Session is now over, this is for the Winter batch.)
2. Complete the application form
3. Interview calls 
4. Final decision: 

Mentorship and support structure

  • Moodforest:

    • Supervision and Intern Management: Dr. Elisa Pierella

    • Wellness & Health Advisory: Dr. Vipin Gupta, Dr. Elisa Pierella, Madhur Anand

  • Skills Café:

    • Game/Creative Mentor(s): Ajay Dasgupta

    • Visual Design (UX/UI): Sunakshi Gupta

This structure ensures interns receive comprehensive guidance and support throughout the program.

Future opportunities

Outstanding candidates may have the chance to work with Skills Café in the future


Interns will receive a stipend of INR 15,000 per month. Additionally, food and lodging on campus will be provided by Moodforest

Contact details 

Elisa Pierella
Internship and Research Coordinator, Moodforest

High-Level Timeline

Month 1: Initiation and Conceptualization

  • Week-1-4: Orientation and introduction to game development and well-being principles.

  • Weeks 2-3: Workshops and brainstorming sessions; team formation.

  • Week 4: Finalisation of game concepts and initiation of development.

Month 2: Development and Iteration

  • Weeks 5-8: Core development, internal reviews, and initial testing; iteration based on feedback.

Month 3: Testing, Finalization, and Presentation

  • Weeks 9-10: Completion of development, extensive testing, and polishing.

  • Week 11: Final adjustments and preparation for presentation.

  • Week 12: Final presentations and program wrap-up.


What are the key objectives of the internship programme?

The objectives of the internship programme include developing innovative games that focus on well-being, providing interns with a rich learning experience in game development and establishing a talent pipeline for future industry professionals.

What is the duration of the internship programme?

The internship programme spans a period of three months. 

How will interns be supported during the internship programme?

Interns will receive comprehensive support and mentorship throughout the programme from experienced professionals in game development and well-being.

Can international students apply for the internship programme?

Yes, international students are welcome to apply for the internship programme. However, they should ensure compliance with any visa or work permit requirements applicable in the programme location.

Will interns receive any financial compensation?

Yes, interns will receive a stipend of INR 15,000 per intern for their participation in the programme. Additionally, food and lodging on campus will be provided by Moodforest.

What are possible future avenues from the intership?

Interns may pursue careers as instructional designers, game developers, facilitators, marketing in the training or wellbeing industry. If interested in the intersection of game development and well-being may explore careers in health-tech or digital wellness companies. They may also opt for freelance or consulting opportunities, offering their game development expertise to clients in various industries, including advertising, marketing, entertainment, education.

For those who demonstrate exceptional performance, dedication, and alignment with our values, there may be opportunities to transition into roles as employees at Skills Café.

How can I get more information about the programme?

For any other inquiry contact or 

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